Malmesbury Chiropractic Fees

Initial Consultation £48
(Under age 16 £35)

Subsequent treatments £35
(Under age 16 £27)

A treatment fee of £38 will be charged if you have not been treated for more than 2 years.

Free 15 minute appointments are available to discuss whether chiropractic can help you.

The chiropractic clinic accepts credit/debit cards, cash and cheques and all major health insurance providers.

We appreciate that all patients are different and require different amounts of treatments: you will not, therefore, be asked to sign up to pre-payment plans or direct debit arrangements.

Malmesbury Chiropractic Hours

You can call or email at any time to make an appointment.

Our appointment hours are generally between 9am and 6pm but we are open til 8pm on Thursdays and noon on Saturdays.