Foot healthcare

Rachel Bethell MCFHP MAFHP

Students of the SMAE are extensively trained in both the theoretical and practical aspects of Foot Health. Indeed the institute treats over 14000 patients per year.

Considerable emphasis is placed on patient care, aseptic techniques and medical history, together with surgical and medical procedures to ensure that the patient receives the best possible treatment for their feet.

A wide range of treatments are available including:

  • Toenail cutting and filing
  • Hard skin and callous reduction
  • Corn enucleation
  • Cutting and treating fungal nails
  • Athlete‚Äôs foot
  • Reduction of thickened nails
  • Verruca treatment
  • Ingrowing toenails

If you have a problem and wish to ensure that your feet remain healthy and in good condition, please ring 07818402474 for an appointment or email